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The personal loan: often interesting because of the many competition and low interest rates. A personal loan can thus become a way of borrowing money relatively cheaply.

The personal loan is often an easy way to borrow and somewhat resembles a revolving credit. The personal loan can vary in term and interest rate. You often borrow at slightly lower interest rates than average and the same conditions. These conditions should be included in a financial information leaflet. Borrowing money for a car, a loan for a kitchen or even borrowing money for a holiday is often done with a personal loan.

You receive the borrowed money immediately and the repayment is clear in installments with fixed term and interest.

You can request online quotations for your personal loan from the providers on this site, without any obligation, or request a loan directly.

Another form of personal loans are loans that are provided to you personally. A
a private loan.

A personal loan or private loan is ideal for smaller amounts or with great certainty of repayment. In addition, it can of course become a nuisance if the money providers do not see their money back and you still have regular contact with it.

Take this into account, what is it worth to you? You will not be the 1st person to lose a lot of friends after a private loan or to barely see family after failing to meet the repayment agreements.

Tip: this personal loan has an interest, for example for a real investment and may be deductible under various Dutch legislation. As always, be well and comprehensively informed before you take out a personal loan.

Advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan

  • Fixed, often low, interest and a fixed term.
  • Little interest rate risk makes this form of borrowing money cheaper than a revolving credit.
  • Commonly, a lot of competition between providers ensures better conditions for the borrower.
  • More expensive than a mortgage, there is no collateral.
  • Fixed interest is low, but can be above average with certain developments in the market.
  • It is often not possible to make interim repayments or you will be fined for this.

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