More Belgians struggle with loan repayments

More and more Belgians seem to have difficulty paying back their loan on time. The total tax arrears also reached a new record in the country. This is evident from figures from the Central Bank of Private Individuals of the National Bank (NBB).

More Belgians with payment arrears
More Belgians with payment arrears

In April, more Belgians were added again who have problems with paying back their loans on time. In addition, 335,373 Belgians were in arrears on one or more loans, a total of 4 percent more than in April last year. After a brief decline in the middle of last year, the number of overdue loans and loan amounts are on an upward trend again.

Total payment arrears reached a new record: more than 2.84 billion US dollars. The average loan amount is USD 5,784. In April, there were over 11.42 million outstanding loans in Belgium, spread over 6.23 million private individuals. Nearly 8.66 million of this was consumer credit and approximately 2.77 million mortgage loans . After earlier declines in the preceding months, payment arrears at our southern neighbors seem to be on an upward trend again.

Published on May 15, 2013 at 11:04 am by the editors .

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