Private loan

A private loan can be a more than excellent solution for a temporary lack of money. Borrowing money privately can often be done at better rates and also with a negative BKR registration.

You do not obtain the private loan from a bank but from a non-financial institution. With this we immediately highlight the most important aspect, borrowing money from family or borrowing money from companies other than a financial institution is not regulated.

So if you borrow money from family with a private loan, you must draw up the correct contracts yourself. However, this private loan can be more reasonable than the same loan from the bank. It is often lower interest rates or even no interest if you borrow from family.

Please note, if you are unable to fulfill obligations towards family, relationships can become disrupted. Many friends or quarrels in families revolve around the theme of money.

If you are registered negative at the BKR, someone else can help you out with a private loan. Since a private individual lends you money without BKR testing, this can help you. You can also borrow money online from private individuals at Boober. An initiative that may also be of service to you.

Borrowing privately from ABN AMRO is not possible, but they do offer you contracts for drawing up a contract with your private loan.

Advantages and disadvantages of a private loan

  • Borrow cheaply due to low interest.
  • You can draw up all conditions yourself with the lender.
  • No testing at the BKR, so private borrowing is always possible with a negative BKR registration.
  • You often borrow money from family or acquaintances, unpleasant situations can arise if you are not able to meet the obligations.
  • You may have to pay higher monthly amounts with an unknown (er) lender.
  • All contracts must be watertight, in the interest of you and the lender.

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