Where can I borrow money from a private individual?

The question 'Where can I borrow money from a private person?' was answered and was about private loan.

If you want to borrow money from a private individual, you used to be able to go to an initiative such as Boober where supply and demand came together, a kind of marketplace for loans. However, Boober stopped completely in the course of 2009. Nowadays you have to rely on family or other acquaintances for a so-called private loan .

You may still be able to borrow money from private individuals elsewhere on the internet, but beware of this. Even if you want to lend money yourself via the internet, it is wise to be extremely careful. If you want to borrow money from your family, make sure that everything is clearly in black and white and is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations that the Tax and Customs Administration enforces regarding your private loan.

Watch out with loans that are offered from abroad, these may appear to be private individuals or companies, but these are often not known to the AFM . Always check on the AFM site whether these companies are in possession of the correct permits.