Healthcare institution provides an interest-free loan of half a million

Healthcare institution Aveleijn has provided its director John Praet with an interest-free loan of more than half a million US dollars. In addition to the fact that he does not have to pay interest on the loan, he also does not have to start paying off this interest-free loan until 2013.

After studying the institution's 2008 annual report, the Socialist Party (SP) raised the alarm about this very special bonus. In addition to this interest-free loan , Praet also received a bonus for good performance of 13,000 US dollars on top of his already generous salary of 200,000 US dollars. In addition to these bonuses, he also had a car at his disposal with a catalog value of US $ 70,000.

The interest-free loan that Praet received was intended for the purchase of a house. MP Leijten said about this: “This is crazy for words. A healthcare institution must provide care and not spend the money on a mortgage loan . You go to a bank for a mortgage ”. The SP will ask questions to State Secretary Bussemaker of Public Health.

In a press statement, the healthcare institution stated that the interest-free loan was a reward for its proper functioning. Because of all the bonuses, Preat will continue to work at the healthcare institution in the coming years, according to the press statement. In the meantime, there has been a lot of commotion about this special form of reward, various regional and national media report extensively about the entire case.

Published September 24, 2009 at 6:33 PM by the editors .

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