Student loan

A student loan helps students with money. Often it is parents who lend money to students or the IB Groep.

A student loan (also known as a student loan) is a loan especially for students who need extra financial space for their studies.

Often one year after completion of the study, the student loan is converted into a revolving credit.

Borrowing money for students is usually done through or from the IB Groep. This often has the most interesting interest rate that commercial banks often cannot compete with.

Most likely, this form of borrowing money for students will be thoroughly overhauled, as it is said to be too accessible. A student can borrow money with a few clicks on the site of the IB Groep.

Parents also often provide a loan to their children to pay for their studies. This is best done with an interest-free loan or a private loan. Donating is also a possibility, but falls outside the denominator “borrowing”, as it is therefore a donation.

Student loan advantages and disadvantages

  • Quickly arranged through IB Groep or borrow money from family with a private loan.
  • Lower interest rates, often more reasonable because they are students.
  • Sometimes the loan can be forgiven.
  • Only for students and not for every student, often only possible from higher professional education.
  • After completing the study, the loan will often have to be paid off quickly.

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