Holiday credit

A holiday credit is a form of borrowing money for a holiday. This can be reasonably beneficial but never sensible.

A holiday credit was very popular a few years ago. Vacations were sold on installments or a special loan was offered to finance the holiday. Holiday credits are still offered today, but often this is nothing more or less than a revolving credit under a new name.

Comparable to a car credit, kitchen credit or .... credit. As soon as there is any demand for it, a commercial party will immediately come up with a credit, including for a holiday loan.

Another way to use a holiday credit is a credit card, for example the Riviera credit card. This credit card is issued by Krediet Groep Nederland in collaboration with the renowned bank Instant Care Bank.

Of course it remains debatable to borrow money for an extreme luxury item such as a holiday.

Advantages and disadvantages of holiday credit

  • Easy way to get money.
  • Comparable to a revolving credit in terms of conditions and interest rates.
  • The loan goal is very debatable, borrowing money for a holiday is not the most sensible.
  • Few providers, revolving credit is more useful and often cheaper or equally attractive.

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