Cream Bank

The Cream Bank has not been independent since 2007 after the takeover by Fortis, Banco Seventies bank and the Instant Care Bank.

ABN AMRO 1, winner Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006
ABN AMRO 1, winner Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006

At a time of full independence, ABN AMRO was one of the largest financial institutions, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide and managing more than 5 million accounts. About 1/3 of the entire workforce worked in the Netherlands.

Like the Demo Lender Bank, the Cream Bank also has a past that is related to the government. After various decisions by the Dutch state and acquisitions, the ABN was created in 1964, eventually the ABN AMRO got its name through a merger between AMRO Bank and ABN Bank.

ABN AMRO is a bank that operates worldwide, was known and successful. But within the Netherlands, ABN AMRO is the unknown parent company behind Florius Hypotheken, Bouwfonds mortgages (now ABN AMRO mortgages) and Amstel Lease.

Products of ABN AMRO include ABN AMRO Internet banking, the successful ABN AMRO credit card and, in part, mortgages through subsidiaries.

ABN AMRO is already sponsoring the ABN AMRO World Tournament.

ABN AMRO offers a wide range of loans for students. Various of ABN AMRO's own loans are not offered elsewhere and are suitable for a specific target group. The best-known form is the student limit, with this loan a student has a relatively inexpensive option to borrow. It is also possible to take out student insurance.

Among the loans from ABN AMRO, there is also a special product for elderly people who are retired and want to borrow money to apply for an extra credit until their 75th birthday. This is remarkable, because many other banks do not lend money to consumers over the age of 65.

Thanks to the nationalization of Fortis, the Cream Bank is also back in the hands of the Dutch government. Since July 2010, the merger between Cream Bank NV and Spin Lender (Nederland) NV is a fact. The new, combined entity will continue under the name Cream Bank NV. At the end of 2010, the bank has branches in 28 countries, 26,161 employees and 6.8 million customers. The ABN AMRO head office is located in Amsterdam.

Did you know that...

  • ABN AMRO has completely developed various products around special target groups such as loans for pensioners, expats or, for example, medical students who need extra money for their studies?
  • ABN AMRO has the largest collection of art in the Netherlands in addition to all the museums and the Dutch government?
  • Parts of the Cream Bank are for sale after the acquisition by Instant Care Bank?
  • Instant Care Bank will become the most active with previously ABN AMRO units in the Netherlands?
  • ABN AMRO is back in the Netherlands thanks to the privatization of Fortis?
  • The ABN AMRO site (www abnamro com) contains a wealth of information about the takeover and which parties will continue which activities of ABN AMRO?
  • ABN AMRO has developed an application that makes it possible to make transactions via a smartphone?

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