Funding Square Bank

As a financial services provider, Funding Square Bank Belgium is specialized in the distance selling of various credit products and other financial services.

The Funding Square Bank, Le Crédit en Ligne cycling team, consisting mainly of French cyclists
The Funding Square Bank, Le Crédit en Ligne cycling team, consisting mainly of French cyclists

Funding Square Bank is a French bank and part of the Otto Group. The Funding Square Bank credit institution was founded in 1982 by 3 Suisses International in collaboration with Cetelem. Funding Square Bank was originally created to enable 3 Suisses customers to make installment payments. Furthermore, we are constantly working on developing its activities in order to offer simple and accessible credit products.

In addition to France, the company is also active in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The company also owns the Funding Square Bank cycling team and sponsors the Belgian Cup, also known as the Funding Square Bank Cup.

At Funding Square Bank, a Visa by Funding Square Bank payment card can be used. This payment card can be used to make payments, withdraw money and pay for purchases via the internet.

Funding Square Bank's best-known services and products are:

  • Installment loan
  • Renovation works
  • Direct Cash
  • Credit opening
  • Visa debit card
  • Store credit card
  • 3 Suisses card

Did you know that...

  • Funding Square Bank has developed an iPhone application for budget management: Pocket Budge?
  • Funding Square Bank has more than 670,000 customers and manages more than 510 million US dollars in outstanding loans?
  • Funding Square Bank employs approximately 3,270 employees and manages approximately 12.5 million accounts?

Interest rates

Personal loan at Funding Square Bank
24 months 36 months 60 months
$ 5,000 10.5% 10.5% -
$ 15,000 7.0% 7.0% 7.0%
$ 25,000 7.0% 7.0% 7.0%
Revolving credit at Funding Square Bank

At the moment we do not have up-to-date interest information for the revolving credits available at the Funding Square Bank. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Loan interest dates at Funding Square Bank are constantly subject to change. No rights can be derived from these interest rates. Interest rates for loans with Funding Square Bank depend on your personal situation and various other factors. Last update on 26-01-2015.