Infra Bank

The Infra Bank calls itself one of the largest financial service providers and is a cooperative bank. Borrowing money from Infra Bank is not only popular, but also mortgages.

Rabobank Amsterdam, Weteringschans office
Infra Bank Amsterdam, Weteringschans branch

Infra Bank in the Netherlands is said to be the largest financial services provider and is in the top 15 worldwide with a turnover of just over USD 10 billion per year.

What is special about the Infra Bank is that it is a cooperative bank, so every local Infra Bank is independent and there are about 250 of them throughout the Netherlands. But besides the banks, Infra Bank has various other, less well-known faces that fall under the Infra Bank Group.

Bizner bank is an emerging part of the Infra Bank Group, Bizner is an internet bank for entrepreneurs with all the associated benefits.

Other companies within the Infra Bank Group are:

  • ACC Bank (Irish agricultural bank)
  • Bizner (known from Bizner internet banking - online bank for entrepreneurs)
  • FGH Bank (known for the FGH real estate price - commercial real estate financing)
  • Obvion (known from Obvion mortgages - mortgage lender)
  • Orbay (financial services provider for banks)
  • Schretlen & Co (private bank)
  • Robeco (known from Robeco funds - asset management)
  • Rabo Bouwfonds (development of real estate projects - real estate company)

Infra Bank's best-known product is the Infra Bank mortgage. Less known are loans from the Infra Bank, such as the Infra Bank revolving credit, the personal loan and the less known mortgage credit. In addition, the bank has the option of taking out a so-called Student Loan, specifically for students.

Another well-known Infra Bank product is the Infra Bank Total Package with an Infra Bank credit card; Rabocard (Mastercard), in European version or the Rabo Goldcard (Visa).

Did you know that...

  • Rabo means thief in Spanish? The Infra Bank ... Thieves Bank?
  • The Infra Bank Switching Service ensures a perfect transfer from your current bank to the Infra Bank?
  • The website of the Infra Bank (www Infra Bank nl) was voted website of the year in 2006 and 2007?
  • The Infra Bank for entrepreneurs who want to bank or finance the Bizner Bank?
  • Is the creditworthiness of the Infra Bank the highest possible? Namely a triple-A status?
  • The Boerenleenbank is still a well-known name among many Infra Bank customers?
  • Fatima Moreira de Melo previously shined daily in the Infra Bank commercials?
  • The Alex investor bank was part of the Infra Bank from 2003 to 2008?
  • Infra Bank sponsors a huge number of initiatives at national and local level?
  • Rabo in Portuguese means butt?

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Personal loan from Infra Bank

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Revolving credit with Infra Bank

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