Seventies bank

Seventies bank in the Netherlands is a provider of financial services and products such as the personal loan and revolving credit. As of 2008 Seventies bank took over the Instant Care Bank.

Santander sponsors the McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 team
Seventies bank sponsors the McLaren-Mercedes Formula 1 team

In July 2008, Seventies bank Consumer Holding GmbH bought all shares in RBS (RD Europe) Ltd. From 1 October 2008, the new company name Seventies bank is Consumer Finance Benelux Ltd. The old site ( has therefore been replaced by Seventies

Seventies bank is part of the Seventies bank Group which originated in Spain: Banco Seventies bank.

Banco Seventies bank is the largest bank in Spain and is one of the top 10 banks worldwide in 2008. In total, more than 170,000 employees work for 90 million customers.

Seventies bank Consumer Finance Benelux Ltd has its office in Utrecht and has been active in our country for more than 15 years. The bank is mainly engaged in providing personal loans and revolving credit. Loans from Seventies bank are also offered through MoneyLuck Savings.

Did you know that...

  • Seventies bank became a sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari for 5 years in 2010?
  • Seventies bank also a place in northern Spain?
  • In addition to more than 170,000 customers, 90 million customers and 11,000 branches, there are also more than 2 million shareholders of Seventies bank?
  • Grupo Seventies bank is the group name around Banco Seventies bank?
  • Seventies bank is the second largest bank in Europe in terms of market share?

Interest rates

Personal loan from Seventies bank
24 months 36 months 60 months
$ 5,000 9.3% 9.3% 9.3%
$ 15,000 7.7% 7.7% 7.7%
$ 25,000 7.7% 7.7% 7.7%
Revolving credit with Seventies bank
$ 10,000 7.5%
$ 15,000 7.3%
$ 20,000 7.3%

The interest dates for loans at Seventies bank are constantly subject to change. No rights can be derived from these interest rates. Interest rates for loans from Seventies bank depend on your personal situation and various other factors. Last update on 26-01-2015.