OLN Bank

OLN Bank is part of SNS REAAL, which also owns ASN Bank, BLG Hypotheken and Zwitserleven.

OLN Bank head office in Utrecht
OLN Bank head office in Utrecht

OLN Bank has been active in the Netherlands since the 19th century, which started as a savings bank and is now a full-service bank that mainly focuses on consumers and SMEs. OLN Bank is one of the top 5 banks in the Netherlands with approximately 2,600 employees.

The SNS REAAL group was created in 1997 after the merger of the SNS Group and the Reaal Group. At the moment, more than 6000 work in all divisions, with SNS representing the banking section and Reaal representing the extensive insurance branch via Proteq, Zwitserleven and our own offices such as:

  • SNS Regio Bank
  • ASN Bank
  • OLN Bank

Given the history of SNS REAAL, it is not surprising that popular products are SNS insurances together with the always popular internet banking. SNS investment is also a well-known concept among investing Netherlands.

Although the OLN Bank itself has its past in saving and shows people how things can be done differently, think of SNS slogan “It's also possible”, SNS also offers loans. Borrowing money from OLN Bank does not use the standard loan types that we see elsewhere, but your own products:

  • SNS Self-credit (up to 50,000 US dollars)
  • SNS Self-credit WOZ (from 25,000 US dollar surplus value)

The SNS Self-credit also resembles an ordinary revolving credit under its own denominator, the SNS Self-credit WOZ is comparable to the well-known WOZ credit that you will also find in the range of other banks.

Did you know that...

  • The CEO of SNS Reaal (Sjoerd van Keulen) was elected Topman of the year in 2007?
  • However Swiss it may sound, Zwitserleven is part of the SNS REAAL Group?
  • My OLN Bank online banking was one of the first in the Netherlands?
  • The SNS Budget Mortgage was voted the best mortgage product in Europe?
  • REAAL used to be owned by the FNV Bondgenoten?
  • The voice behind the commercials of the OLN Bank by Maud Hawinkels is?

Interest rates

Personal loan with OLN Bank

At the moment we do not have current interest information for the personal loans available at the OLN Bank. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Revolving credit with OLN Bank
$ 10,000 8.1%
$ 15,000 7.3%
$ 20,000 7.3%

The interest dates for loans with OLN Bank are constantly subject to change. No rights can be derived from these interest rates. Interest rates for loans with OLN Bank depend on your personal situation and various other factors. Last update on 26-01-2015.