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The civil servant loan (or civil servant loan) is especially for civil servants who want to borrow money at better conditions than those prevailing in the market. The idea is that civil servants have better pay and are more secure in their jobs.

This loan for civil servants is a fairly new form of borrowing money. Although it is not really a specific loan form, but more a loan aimed at the target group. The name says it all, this loan is especially for civil servants or a civil servant's partner. Often semi-civil servants also qualify for the same condition.

Lenders argue that, on the basis of research, it appears that civil servants have a much better morality of payment than the average Dutch person. In addition, the jobs are often more secure.

Because of these two assumptions, various banks are willing to provide cheaper money to this specific target group. Sometimes special programs run directly through the employer to borrow money, although this is often work-related. For example for the purchase of a vehicle.

In the mortgage market, it has been customary for some time to go into more detail about work and attach a risk profile to it.

Civil servants who intend to borrow money would do well to obtain information about a civil servant loan from their employer and from the various providers. It is also wise to take this with you during negotiations at a bank.

Finally, an official looking for a loan would also do well to compare the various offers and providers, taking into account the 10 golden loan rules.

Pros and cons of civil servant loan

  • Lower interest due to the security that your employer often offers.
  • Lower interest rates due to the generally good payment morality of civil servants.
  • Not suitable for everyone, only civil servants, semi-civil servants or a civil servant's partner are eligible for a civil servant loan.
  • If you are no longer a (semi-) civil servant, other conditions may apply. Study the financial information leaflet and prospectus for this.

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