Civil servant loan: Recent increase in interest loans not necessary

In a press release published earlier this month, spokesman Richard Jagers of the civil servant loan said that interest rates for loans have risen unnecessarily: 'The credit crisis is being used as a smokescreen for this increase. However, the credit crisis is a fallacy for this increase. '

The civil servant loan is a special loan for civil servants that, with this press release, responds conveniently to the recently increased interest rates for loans. Indeed, the credit crisis is cited as a reason for many banks to justify higher interest rates for loans. This while the banks themselves can often borrow cheaper than before, from each other or from the European Central Bank.

Jagers also calls on the consumer to always request various quotes from the various lenders or intermediaries. The civil servant loan itself mediates especially for civil servants and semi-civil servants, because of a more favorable risk profile, a lower interest rate can be offered.

The loan for civil servants had already been a success , as Loan & Money Lending wrote several times about this new loan form last year.

Published January 23, 2009 at 1:00 am by the editors .

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