Civil servant loans remain particularly popular

Credit crunch or not, the Civil Service Loan has continued to gain popularity since its introduction in 2007. The Civil Servants Loan is a special loan for (semi-) civil servants whereby banks lend money at a more favorable rate due to the better payment morality of civil servants.

“The Civil Servant Loan is truly a great success that even exceeded our expectations, civil servants appear to be keen to use the lowest possible interest on a revolving credit, ” said Richard Jägers of Bridge Finance, who introduced the Civil Servant Loan in the Netherlands last year.

Many other credit providers try to hitch a ride on the success and advertise on the internet around the keyword “Civil servant loan”, Bridge Finance does not seem to be concerned about this yet: “We see this as a compliment and a bit of recognition for the Civil servant loan. As far as we know, there are no other companies that carry a Civil Service Loan. Nor is it a general form of loan such as a revolving credit or personal loan . We came up with a civil servant loan and it is a trade name of ours. ”

The Loan & Money Loan site (, when asked, also announced through their spokesperson that they perceived a significant increase in the number of visitors, as well as an increasing interest in the Civil Service Loan . “Credit crisis or not, people continue to look for the loan that is most interesting for them. Officials are clearly looking for a loan specifically for civil servants in the hope of more favorable terms, ”said the spokesman.

The success of the Civil Service Loan seems to stem from the fact that banks prefer to lend money to civil servants or semi-civil servants because of their good payment behavior. As a result, the Dutch civil servant benefits from more favorable conditions such as a lower interest rate.

Just like other consumers in the Netherlands, a percentage of civil servants also borrow money and this target group seems to be attracted to this specially developed financial product. The creators of the Civil Service Loan even state that banks charge the lowest possible rate to civil servants, there would be hardly any payment arrears.

In addition to civil servants, semi-civil servants can also make use of the favorable conditions. This target group includes employees in healthcare, in education and people who work for former public companies.

Published November 17, 2008 at 11:51 am by the editors .

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