Civil servants loan is on the rise

The civil servant loan, an unknown concept until a year ago, but nowadays an increasingly popular form of borrowing money for civil servants.

While there used to be only a few forms of credit, for the purchase of a house or perhaps a car, the landscape of credit has changed enormously in recent years. Often by providers who gave their loans a more appealing name for commercial reasons. Civil servants' loans in particular, also promoted as a civil servant loan or credit, have recently been on the rise.

Visitors to the on-line Telegraaf and other sites can hardly ignore it, the civil servant loan is often advertised as a loan for (semi-) civil servants. This site ( also receives hundreds of visitors every month who are looking for information about a civil servant loan.

The Civil Service Loan site itself states that research shows that the payment mentality of civil servants is better and that banks can translate this into a better rate. It is clear that the civil servant loan is not itself a form of credit, but rather a way of addressing the target group, civil servants.

However, many banks already know the applicant's job. Also when applying for a loan from a bank that you do not know yet, your current job will be important, as well as the history of any previous employers when submitting an offer for a loan.

Lawyers, civil-law notaries and doctors are also known for their good payment behavior. Strangely enough, no attorney's loan, notary's loan or doctor's loan has surfaced yet.

The success and background of the popular government loan that Bridge Finance Ltd provides remains guesswork, despite repeated requests, our editorial team was not contacted by this organization.

Published September 21, 2008 at 2:00 am by the editors .

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