Borrow with BKR

BKR loan? Borrowing without BKR or borrowing money with BKR, unwise and often not possible.

Let's start with two myths about borrowing money and the tasks that the Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel performs. The incorrect, often heard myths about BKR and borrowing money:

  • Myth one: borrowing money without BKR testing is possible.
    Because ... With every request for a quote for a loan, you will be tested at the BKR.
  • Myth two: it is impossible to borrow money with a negative BKR registration.
    Because ... There are a few providers who can help you further.

Read this entire file for all information about borrowing money with a BKR listing, the purpose of a BKR registration and the various types of BKR codes.

Borrowing money without BKR testing does not exist

Every bank, lender or broker will request your BKR coding from the BKR. If you want to borrow money, this BKR test ensures that the provider of the credit knows your history based on information from the Central Credit Information System (CKI).
Affiliated institutions can also request a so-called BKR Score from the BKR, this is an additional service from the BKR that shows the participant what the chance is that you can repay your loan on the basis of a statistical model.

Borrowing money with a negative BKR registration is possible

A negative BKR code is a frequently heard concept, in principle not every registration is negative. But borrowing with a negative BKR code like the A code for a HY (mortgage) will become very difficult or at usurious interest rates. Be aware that the BKR was created to protect the providers of credit, but also to protect you as a consumer from taking out loans that you cannot actually bear financially.

In short, a BKR loan is possible, but depends greatly on your status in the BKR system. The BKR coding contains a lot of information and is above all retrievable. Read the information in our financial dictionary for information about your right of correction , right of access and right of protocol . Applying for a BKR loan at a regular bank is virtually pointless.

Borrowing with BKR codes

A-Coding: A coding stands for arrears with an existing credit, borrowing money with an A-coding will only work at a considerably higher interest rate than in line with the market. A mortgage with an A-coding can cause problems, a loan with an A-coding is possible in a few cases.

H-Coding: H-coding means that the backlog coding (A coding) has been restored. An H-code and borrowing money is therefore possible, an H-code is only possible after an A-code.

With an A-coding, the type of credit must also be included:

AK = Expiring credit
RK = Revolving credit
HY = Mortgage
RO = Other Bonds (e.g. being regularly in the red)
SR = Debt settlement (e.g. with a bailiff's office)
TC = Telecommunication facility (a GSM subscription)
UK = Shipping house credit