Favorable Cash Loan – It is not just a Loan and a Small Installment

A favorable cash loan should be chosen so as not only to pay the smallest credit installment, but also to pay as little as possible for it. It is then possible if several loans are compared.

There is no more popular loan than a cash loan (this statement also includes cash loans). That is why the advertising campaign of banks is so intense. For one reason: you can earn the most in this segment! But we, consumers, act rationally and do not get used to such “tricks” because cash loans are not the cheapest!

On the contrary, they are among the most expensive on the market. Their rrso is in most cases over 20%. Nominal interest rate is only one component of the total loan costs, because you should also add a commission or other additional charges (eg insurance).

There are credit promotions from time to time, which allow you to find a favorable cash loan. But check the offers of banks and compare them.

It is in such a case, where for such a profitable cash loan? The loan can be selected from the following list:

Comparison of cash loan

Comparison of cash loan

Installing cash loans, even when it is a good loan, can be high. Especially if it is a loan for a large amount and for a short loan period. With the cash loan comparison system, you can check what are the estimated differences in the installment, eg between a cash loan of € 25 thousand for four years and eight years.

We compare the cash loans on the basis of the cash loan or checking the total costs. This is the quickest and most objective way to check your credit costs. Even if you only have two bank offers, you can choose a good cash loan from them.

Each bank is obliged to provide us with an information form in which the credit parameters are entered and the rrso and total costs calculated.

Always check how much more you will give. You borrow €10,000, but you will pay €15,000? Or maybe 20 thousand eur? Let’s check it out earlier, and you will not be surprised by the amount of the installment.